Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Attorneys

Local Service Ads for your law firm

Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Attorneys help potential clients find you for the services that you offer. Local Service Ads (LSAs) display in the counties you select, and you only pay Google when someone calls you directly through the ad.

Local Service Ad Example

screenshot of local service ads for Philadelphia personal injury attorneys

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Do people use Local Service Ads?

Around 80% of people scroll past ads, so ranking in local search results is always our primary focus. However, LSAs are a cost effective way to get new leads. There will always be a percentage of people who do use ads, so having your ad at the top of the front page of Google ensures you are able to capture as many leads as possible.

What do Local Service Ads cost Personal Injury Attorneys?

LSA pricing depends on your competition. As of 2021, in cities of around 500,000 people, LSAs are running about $150 per lead. In populated areas of California, leads are running around $280 per lead. A “lead” is when a user calls you and the call lasts for over 30 seconds. In most cases, 25% of of leads will become real cases. Therefore,
attorneys get personal injury cases from $600 – $1,200 depending on where they’re located.

What’s the difference between Google Ads and Local Service Ads?

Google Ads, formerly called Google Adwords, is a Pay Per Click (PPC) product. Your ad is displayed, and you pay Google when people click the ad, regardless of the client converting or not.

Google Local Services Ads is a Per Per Lead product. You only pay per phone call. There’s a screening process and it takes a couple weeks to get LSAs in place. You also set a weekly budget, and Google will display your ad in the areas you specify. An easy to use dashboard displays inbound calls and provides a recording of all inbound calls.

How does Optimize My Firm help with LSAs?

We can provide consulting and show your in house marketing team the best way to operate LSAs or we can manage the LSAs here for you.

For most firms we provide:

  • Initial setup of your LSA account
  • LSA account optimization
  • Listening to calls and lead monitoring
  • Disputing of invalid leads
  • Monthly overview and reporting