Google Local Services Ads Ranking Algorithm for Attorneys

Google’s Local Services Ad platform uses a ranking algorithm which determines which advertisers display the most often in the “Google Screened” ads. The major factors which influence this algorithm are known and include review scores and advertiser response rate.

How Google Determines Which Ads To Rank:

Ever since Bates vs Arizona, attorneys have been trying to figure out new ways to advertise and generate leads. While most prospective clients convert in organic search, Google’s new Local Services Ads (LSA) have been a very cost effective way to obtain leads.

Google does use an algorithm which decides the fate of your LSA.

If it were up to me, ads would be served based on the highest bidder, or in the event all attorneys are using the “Maximize Leads” setting, advertising attorneys would be put into some sort of rotation. However, that’s not the way it works and it is not up to me.

Here are Google Local Services Ads ranking factors. These are the factors Google uses to display (or bury) your ad:

  • User proximity. Attorneys can target any area of their state, however, attorneys in a certain city will display before attorneys outside of that city. This is based off of the Google My Business (GMB) location used to configure the LSA.
  • Review Count. The number of reviews your law firm has influences the performance of your LSA.
  • Review Score. Law firms with a higher review score will display more frequently than a firm with a lower score.
  • Response Rate. If you’re missing user’s calls you will potentially harm your ad’s performance and display frequency.
  • Business Hours. Ads from attorneys who are open during a user’s search will display before ads from an office which is currently closed.
  • Budget. Obviously, a lower bid amount when using “Max Per Lead” will reduce visibility of an ad.
  • “Maximize Leads” vs “Max Per Lead”. I have yet to confirm this with Google Ads reps, however, we have noticed that using the “Maximize Leads” setting results in more calls.
  • LSA Reviews. We’re not sure if this is a factor, however, did you know that you can receive a review on your LSA ad page? GMB reviews display on LSAs, but LSA reviews do not display on GMB. LSA reviews could possibly influence the algorithm. We have not tested this.

Note: Google Local Services Ads utilize a 90 day refresh cycle. If you were missing calls and it hurt your ad’s visibility, be sure to answer the phone. After a few months, your ad’s performance could increase.

Need Local Services Ads Help?

If you would like to maximize the number of leads you’re getting via Local Services Ads please see our parent page: Local Services Ads for Attorneys.

We have been running LSAs for attorneys all over the USA since the day they were introduced and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your account’s performance.