SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms

SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms is essentially getting high rankings for valuable keywords in Google, which is most effectively accomplished by obtaining high authority backlinks. Creating content which answers the questions that potential clients are asking is also a great way to generate more leads.

The “Personal” Law Firm Marking Company:

My name is Len and I work with no more than 2 dozen law firms at a time. I have successfully assisted one site into becoming the most trafficked personal injury website in the United States. I still work with that site daily and attorneys in several major cities. I personally do the SEO and I have a project manager and multiple attorneys who assist me with creating content.

We are the last marketing agency you will need. Contact me today. If we’re a match, you’re welcome to speak to any of my existing clients, some of which I have been working with for nearly 10 years. I’ve been online since 1988 and provided some of the first Internet services in 1992 and am one of the most seasoned SEO experts in the USA. Now, I focus on  helping law firms with their site so they can focus on practicing law.

Expanding Your Law Firm.

Several of the law firms I have worked with for years have gone on to expand their practice by hiring additional attorneys, growing their physical practice, moving to a larger location and/or expanding into new cities.

No Contracts and a Holistic Approach.

The only contract I provide you with is one of exclusivity. I also only work with clients who want and/or need me. I honestly can’t even comprehend locking someone into something they are not happy with. I most definitely to not have the time or desire to ever do such a thing.

After being retained, my first steps are to ensure that YOU have possession over your domain name, content, website, Google My Business pages, Ads account, Analytics data & Search Console. I have helped nearly ever law firm that I’ve worked with claim, reclaim or take possession of at least one of these critical things.


I could devote an entire thick book to backlinks. In a nutshell, good links are what helps a site rank better. “Good” links are natrual(ish) and topically relevant. When another website references yours, it passes a signal to the search engines that you’re relevant. Like it or not, this is how Google and others determine where your site should place in search results.

There are also worthless links. These are links which do not impact your search ranking.

Finally there are bad links. I see law firms with bad links on a daily basis. Bad links are links which use your exact anchor text, or come from a spammy website, or are just obviously placed in an effort to manipulate search rankings.


Everyone knows they need content, but they don’t know why. The truth is, just adding content to a site to have it is often a wasted effort. In some cases, having too many small pages will actually make a site perform poorly in the search results.

Having quality content that people are actually reading is what really moves the needle. Some types of content I cover for attorneys includes:

  • Main areas of practice pages
  • City specific pages
  • Q&A style content which covers questions people in your area are searching for after being injured
  • Coverage of recent vehicular accidents

Get SEO for your Personal Injury Law Firm today.

Contact me today for a free consultation and website evaluation. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.


Does SEO work?
Yes, SEO works – someone has to rank on the front page.

Does SEO really create leads?
Yes. Ask any attorney who ranks highly in Google where they get their leads from. The same goes for any industry – pizza shops, dentists, roofers, etc – anyone who has ranked well before can tell you the value of it. I personally grew my last company via SEO. I owned an IT company for 13yrs which had a physical location and have been on the receiving end myself.

My last SEO company screwed me. Will you?
All of my clients have been through previous SEO companies. Some were incompetent and others are liars. Even when they start out with good intentions, SEO agencies are nearly impossible to scale. That’s why I work with 24 attorneys at a time.