Intro to Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers – Personal Injury Marketing Minute #1

Episode #1 of the Personal Injury Marketing Minute is here and so are Google’s new Local Service Ads. In this episode, we provide a basic overview of what they are, how to get them and what they cost.

What are Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Attorneys?

As of September 2020, LSAs now affect a wide variety of attorneys including personal injury attorneys. Attorneys using LSAs get “Google Screened” status and a green check mark beside their ad at the top of Google’s search results. Unlike traditional Google Ads, LSAs are Pay Per Lead.

Setting up Local Service Ads.

Setting up Local Service Ads is a straightforward process. Simply follow our instructions here on How To setup Local Service Ads for Injury Attorneys.

You will need information about your business and personal information to pass a criminal background check with Pinkerton. Information for the LSA needed includes your business entity name, EIN, State Bar #, Business Address, Bar # for other attorneys at the firm and headshots. Personal information will include your home address, DOB, SSN and other basic information.

More information about LSAs:

  • We had some of the first LSAs up in the country running. While many people still scroll past paid advertisements, a portion still do utilize Ads and will use LSAs.
  • From what we’re initially seeing, LSA leads are about $150/pc.
  • There is a way to dispute LSAs which are not valid leads.