Google Local Services Ads Adds Scheduling for Attorneys

This week we noticed a new feature on the Google Local Services Ads (LSA) dashboard for attorneys and law firms called Scheduling.

LSA shceduling screenshot

The LSA scheduling feature allows prospective clients to schedule a consultation with an attorney.

To use this service, your law firm must be using a Google authorized app which shows your availability. The app you must use is called LeadConnector.

leadconnector screenshot

This feature has been around for quite some time in the home services niche. Plumbers, roofers and HVAC repair companies have utilized it.

As with all things LSA, it’s now available for attorneys.

We have reached out to LeadConnector for comment on setting this up.

Should Your Law Firm Use LSA Scheduling?

We manage several Local Services Ads for Law Firms here, and we primarily work with Personal Injury Attorneys. Currently, none of the PI firms we work with are interested in setting up this new feature. Additionally, most clients call. Even the firms who use LSA Messages have noticed that 95% or more of the people using LSAs pick up the phone.

If you end up using LSA scheduling and a prospective client actually uses it, we’d love to hear from you.