SEO for Class Actions, Mass Torts & MDLs

Mass Torts, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) & Class Action Lawsuits may be marketed several different ways, however, as awareness of said lawsuits is generated, a significant number of potential clients turn to Google to search for more information and/or a law firm to represent them.

An example of a high intent, transactional query is someone searching the web for “Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyer”.

We have been the team behind some of the highest ranking Mass Torts, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) & Class Action Lawsuits online. If you are interested in ranking for specific lawsuits, please feel free to contact us to see if your needs match our abilities. We have helped a variety of firms target their area or the entire country.

How To Market Major Class Action Lawsuits:

A variety of marketing tactics are effective for obtaining leads. Using the Camp Lejeune case as an example, I think we’ve all seen the ads on TV, radio, YouTube, billboards, Google Ads, Facebook and other social media sites. Here is a short list of ways law firms market these cases, along with some pros and cons:

Social Media.


  • The first law firms to target users on Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks have had success doing so.
  • It pays to be early.
  • You can target specific demographics.


  • There’s no intent. Your ad will need to show up on a million feeds to get 100 leads.
  • The leads you do obtain will need significant vetting.
  • It gets crowded very fast.

We do very little marketing on social media. It’s just not our thing. It’s also not rocket science. Our primary piece of advice here is just – be fast. Anyone can post an ad on Facebook in 3 or 4 minutes and it gets saturated very quickly.

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SEO and Content Marketing.


  • When you show up for a user’s search, it’s probably a high intent transactional query. That means the person who did the search is looking for a lawyer when they arrive at your website. Instead of 1 in 100,000 people contacting you for a lead, that number is going to be closer to 1 in 20.


  • If you don’t already have a powerful website, rankings can take time.
  • There’s an expense to building out great content and obtaining backlinks.

For the local personal injury attorney seeking to obtain a few cases here and there, we have a strategy for that. And for the major firm seeking to take on hundreds or thousands of cases nationwide, we have a strategy for that as well.

TV Ads, Radio & Billboards.

Television advertising, radio commercials and billboards have many of the same pros and cons as social media.

In addition:


  • You can reach millions of people quickly.


  • It’s Expensive.

Can Small Firms Market Class Actions via SEO?

Yes. We have strategies for smaller firms to market to their local audience. You have to have realistic expectations though. For example, a small firm we work with obtained around 20 Camp Lejeune cases. We set them up with one of the lead plaintiffs and they referred the cases to them. This worked out very well as this particular firm has a fantastic reputation and is trusted in their local community. When local people were looking for more information about the water contamination suit, they found their local law firm and called right away. Clients were happy that they have a local law firm to work with and the law firm was happy that they were able to help their local community with these cases.

Are Big Cases just for Big Firms?

There are indeed some powerful websites out there who will rank on the front page of Google the moment they click “publish” on their site. That said, we have competed with the best of them and helped large firms get leads for big cases in the USA, Canada, Finland, Germany and the UK.

SEO for Mass Torts, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) & Class Action Lawsuits:

If you work in marketing at a large firm and want to market large cases online, contact us and we’ll let you know what your chances are of making it to page 1 and what you may or may not be able to realistically achieve with your online marketing efforts.

Here are some Class Actions, Mass Torts & MDLs that we’ve been involved in or are currently marketing, along with a write up of how we are helping law firms obtain cases for these suits: