Our Favorite Super Bowl LVIII Personal Injury Ads (2024)

Super Bowl LVIII took place February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas. People watching from home got to see the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the last 3 seconds of overtime. Viewers watching Super Bowl LVIII via TV were able to see advertisements from local business owners – and law firms.

Running Personal Injury Law Firm ads during the Super Bowl is surprisingly affordable, with ad production sometimes costing more than the ad spot itself.

Is it worth it? Maybe, IF you have a brand. We just went over this on Personal Injury Marketing Minute podcast #59, where Attorney William Gosney said a key to TV ad success is being memorable.

Of course, not everyone likes them.. lol

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Anyways, before this blog gets into overtime let’s just move on to the commercials themselves!

Super Bowl LVIII’s Personal Injury Ads:

Get Brian!

Attorney Brian White’s ad was, by far, my favorite ad because it was fast and funny. While I’m not a TV advertising expert, I do know that people lose interest in videos at lightning speed. Brian either understands this or got lucky as he is slobbering out truck crash noises less than 3 seconds into the ad. The pitch then escalates until the entire point is made and he’s said “GET BRIAN”, all in under 9 seconds! The ad makes use of the popular soccer celebration meme and the entire thing is genius if you ask me.

I have no clue if this is the case or not but I assume by the way he said “Get Brian” at the end of the ad there is additional marketing taking place, possibly on a billboard and/or radio. This is most definitely going to be memorable, and you have to be memorable in Houston! I looked up his TikTok account and he pre-released the ad there and his followers actually loved the ad as well.

“Is Bigger Really Better???” by Maloney-Lyons

I’m not sure where this ad ran but I’m guessing that it was in Mobile, Alabama, where both Maloney-Lyons and Morgan & Morgan both have offices. If you weren’t aware, Morgan & Morgan has run various “size matters” ads over the years. Anyways, the ad shows funny examples of why bigger is not always better and pokes fun at a character who happens to look an awful lot like Attorney John Morgan.

Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs

Every year, Kentuckians get to see Darryl’s latest Super Bowl ad. I’ve personally heard positives and negatives about the ads, but I think they’re memorable, which is important. You can’t forget the guy. Even his phone number and URL are memorable. I like that he included his daughter. Anyways, here is “The Hammer” hammering things.

Mike Morse Law Firm

What can I say? It’s another Mike Morse commercial. If you weren’t aware, Mike has had good success with his ads over the years, especially since including his mom, Sue. The ads are very well produced and have worked out very well for him for a variety of reasons that are over my head – to get a full picture as to why these ads work, you’d need to check out his past videos for context.

Richard Schwartz & Associates

Richard Schwartz has been hitting the gym – just look at those arms. This is a funny video where Richard is wrestling an opponent (who represents the insurance company), and combats their moves with his own moves and comes out victorious.

Nicolet Law

I like this ad quite a bit. Attorney Russel Nicolet must have a lot of billboards – if so, this ad definitely complements them nicely. I love that he is marketing his beard. Was there a time where having a beard as an attorney was frowned upon? idk. It’s a nice beard, and in the video Russel complements a billboard worker’s beard. Beard gang represent!

Final Thoughts on Super Bowl 57’s ads:

If I missed your ad and you’d like it covered, please contact me and I’ll add it.

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