What is an SEO Campaign? Personal Injury Marketing Minute #20

The Personal Injury Marketing Minute episode #20 sums up what an SEO campaign means to most attorneys. In this podcast, Lindsey discusses the importance of links and content.

Of course, there are other things mandatory for good SEO, such as a fast loading, secure site, an optimized Google Business Profile, and showing up other places are searching for you. But today, we’re talking rankings, and 95% of that is attributable to links and content.

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Welcome to the Personal Injury Marketing Minute where we quickly cover the hot topics in the legal marketing world. I’m your host, Lindsey Busfield.

As an SEO guru, you would think it would be easy for me to talk about SEO campaigns. Well, it is…if you have two hours for me to tell you the detailed nitty gritty of what we do.

That would put most people to sleep, so I will try to condense what you absolutely need to know about SEO into the next five minutes.

What is SEO?

Let’s start with a basic fundamental question: What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That is just a fancy way of saying that an SEO campaign helps your website show up higher when someone searches for a particular term, like truck accident lawyer.

SEO campaigns are important in this day and age when prospective clients use Google more than anything else to find lawyers. And, let’s face it, clients can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist.

So, how do we get your website to show up on the first couple pages of Google? Is it a super complex analysis of Google’s ever-changing algorithms in the infospheric metaverse? Uh, no.

It all comes down to content and backlinks. That’s it.

For an SEO Campaign – as with any marketing campaign, you start with your target market. Let’s say you want to attract more bicycle accident cases. You will need to develop an optimized content and backlink strategy to boost your bicycle accident pages on your website.

SEO Best Practices for Website Content

Let’s start with content. At its core, Google is interested in connecting their users with the best information possible. So, your web pages need to have lots of useful information that is accurate and relevant to their searchers. With that in mind, Google will pair a user who is asking questions about bike accidents with the best information for them, based on the site’s content and their proximity to the searcher.

So, if you have a short one-page article about bicycle accidents on your website, that probably isn’t going to be enough to get that page to rank when someone searches for a bicycle accident lawyer. You want to make sure that you include lots of information about bicycle accidents. This can include what to do after a bike accident, common accident injuries, causes of bike accidents, etc.

You also want to include geographically relevant information so that Google knows where your services are being offered.

There are a few other important steps on how to optimize your webpage content, but you can call me to discuss that.

SEO Backlink Strategy for Law Firms

The other important step in an SEO campaign is obtaining backlinks. Think of it like this: when someone quotes you, it boosts your credibility. The same goes for your website, and that is called a backlink.

You want other websites to reference your website and link back to it. Hence backlink.

However, you don’t just want any website to link back to yours. You can pay $100 for a dozen super-sleezy backlinks. This can actually hurt your website’s credibility and pull you down lower in the rankings.

Good backlinks are going to be from reputable sites that have content that is relevant to your website. If you are trying to get more bicycle accident cases, you might consider linking from bicycle accident blogs or bicycle accident advocacy groups. There is a strategy for how to obtain the right links from the right locations. Again, we will save that discussion for when you have an afternoon free for a Zoom coffee chat.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me directly at the optimizemyfirm.com website.