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Leveraging LinkedIn for Lawyers – Personal Injury Marketing Minute #2

Katie Briel is a Digital Marketing Manager at the international law firm Womble Bond Dickinson. She joins us for Episode #2 of the Personal Injury Marketing Minute to discuss how attorneys and law firms can use LinkedIn to promote content and build connections.

In this episode, Katie describes how some firms reach their target audience on LinkedIn and how LinkedIn differs from Facebook. She also discusses how content promotion works, effective features such as paid promotion and custom audience targeting, thought leadership, hashtags, topic scouting, making connections, landing speaking engagements and credentialing.

Katie has interesting strategies attorneys in many different areas of practice could utilize to increase engagement and reach of their content on LinkedIn.

Posting sponsored content with audience targeting is a strategy Katie has used in the past with great success.

A tool larger firms with multiple employees may wish to take advantage of is employee notifications. Employee notifications allow company page admins to notify employees of new updates posted to the company page, encouraging them to like, comment or share the update with their network of LinkedIn connections, essentially turning employees into company advocates.

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