Can Personal Injury Attorneys Use Google Ads Remarketing? No.

google ads logoPersonal Injury Attorneys are not allowed to use Google Ads Remarketing. Google prohibits personalized ads which advertise to personal hardships such as health conditions or traumatic personal experiences.

What is Google Ads Remarketing?

Retargeting is a form of advertising which allows advertisers to display ads for products or services on other websites after a user leaves the advertiser’s site without performing a certain action, such as checking out. Google refers to this retargeting on their platform as “remarketing”.

We have all seen retargeting ads. One day you look at a grill on Amazon. You do not make a purchase. Two days later, you’re on your local news station’s website and you notice an advertisement on the sidebar for the exact grill that you spent 10 minutes looking at but never purchased.

Remarketing is usually fairly cheap. In the world of Google Ads, advertisements show up on websites which show ads from the Google Display Network.

Why Can’t Personal Injury Attorneys Use Google Ads Remarketing?

On Google’s page “Personalized Advertising“, they state: “We understand that users don’t want to see ads that exploit their personal struggles, difficulties, and hardships, so we don’t allow personalized advertising based on these hardships. Such personal hardships include health conditions, treatments, procedures, personal failings, struggles, or traumatic personal experiences. You also can’t impose negativity on the user.”

personal hardships screenshot

They then provide examples:

  • Google banned divorce attorneys from remarketing because they classify divorces as a “Personal hardships with family, friends, or other interpersonal relationships”.
  • Google banned bankruptcy attorneys because they classify bankruptcy as “personal financial distress”.
  • Personal Injury Remarketing ads get flagged because they violate Google’s rule on “personalized health content”. Google says an example of personalized health content is: “Physical or mental health conditions, including diseases, sexual health, and chronic health conditions, which are health conditions that require long-term care or management.”

Personal Injury isn’t spelled out nearly as clear. But, they don’t want you running the remarketing ads.

Another Company Says I CAN Use Remarketing. Why?

There are numerous people and SEO agencies online that claim personal injury attorneys CAN run Google Remarketing Ads.

They’re wrong.

You can indeed go through the trouble of configuring a Google Remarketing Ads campaign. And the ads will work. Indeed, I have seen them running in the wild myself. But…. What happens is, you’ll get the ad campaign set up, then, about a week later, you’ll get a notice from Google Ads telling you that your ad has been disabled due to your business model. There is a good example of this occurring here on the Google Ads Help Forum.

You’ll get far more business from organic search. If you aren’t getting a satisfactory amount of leads online, please refer to our page about SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms.