Personal Injury Law Firms Arrive in the Metaverse

Web3 is the latest buzzword which exists to describe decentralized online blockchain ecosystems.

What the heck does that mean?

It means I’ve been waiting for creative personal injury attorneys to do something to get attention with either NFT art, cryptocurrency or the Metaverse!

Personal Injury Law Firm Set Up Shop in the Metaverse.

I didn’t have to wait long. In December 2021, Grungo Colarulo, LLC, a personal injury firm out of New Jersey, grabbed a slab of land in Decentraland and built a law firm on it.

Decentraland is a decentralized metaverse platform with a little over 90,000 parcels of land. At the date of this article, a plot of land is going for around 4,000 MANA. MANA the currency of choice in Decentraland. For those more familiar with FIAT, this is essentially around $15,000 USD. Of course, the price of land varies based on the location.

A press release issued by the firm states that the “office will serve as a resource for people looking for more information about their legal rights in connection with injuries or discrimination.”

While it is excellent to see a PI firm set up an “office” in the Metaverse, I do hope the virtual world doesn’t end up looking like a Florida highway with personal injury billboards every 15 feet. 🙂

What’s the Office Look Like?

Several big brands have a presence in Decentraland. There’s an Atari casino, NFT art galleries, sculptures, games, museums, a “crypto valley” and of course a strip club.

The Grungo Colarulo building features an information center at the entrance which links to their YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page. It’s located at -36, 150. You can see it here:

Here’s a screenshot of the office from 12/17/2021:

decentraland screenshot

The firm also released a video on YouTube showing the “meta office” off.

The SEO Value of Being First:

While I have several success stories of being “first” in personal injury, this is a prime example of the SEO value of being first. After the press release dropped, the story was picked up by Fortune, Law360, AboveTheLaw, several news outlets and of course OptimizeMyFirm. The law firm’s site is getting several mentions and some nice links out of this.

Of course, links help sites perform better in Google search results, and the better a website performs in Google search, the more clients they’ll get from the web.

Should Your Law Firm have an Office in the Metaverse?

It depends. I highly doubt the 2nd, 3rd, of 15th firm to open an office will get this kind of press. That said, for the firm who wants to be everywhere, having an office in the Metaverse will indeed create additional visibility. What that does for you without the SEO value is debatable.