Did the Google Link Spam Update of 2021 Impact Law Firms?

Google rolled out a “Link Spam Update” from July 26, 2021 to August 24, 2021. We did not see many law firms impacted by this algorithm update.

Why no Impact on Law Firms?

We work with personal injury law firms all over the USA, and we have some good friends who work with criminal defense and other types of lawyers. While there were indeed several changes to Google’s algorithms this summer, we did not notice any significant changes in the niches that we monitor.

We were indeed expecting to see a major fallout in the world of personal injury. After all, if there’s a group of people who build links which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, it’s personal injury law firms and their marketing teams.

There are a couple of possibilities as to why PIs saw no impact:

  1. Google is getting pretty good at totally ignoring spammy links. When they ignore links to your site, the links don’t hurt you, but they don’t help either.
  2. This update may have been geared more towards another niche, such as affiliate marketing.
  3. Google has been pushing webmasters to use the new rel=”sponsored” link tag instead of a standard link (which gets followed by search engines and passes SEO value).

Did you Lose Traffic in August 2021?

If you or someone you know lost traffic in August 2021, we would love to hear from you. We have analytics data here for hundreds of sites and will keep your information completely confidential.

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