Car Crash Detection System App Spam

Not a day goes by without myself or a client receiving a ridiculous, unsolicited, unwanted email about an app conveniently for sale called something like the Automatic Crash Detection System or Car Crash Detection System, or…. whatever.

The sender of this junk mail claims that the app is the “Best Lead Conversion Tool” on the market according to the “Legal Trends Report 2021”. I’m not sure which Legal Trends Report of 2021 they’re talking about but it’s definitely not Clio’s 2021 Legal Trends Report, and it’s not the ABA’s Report on Legal Trends in 2021 either.

What do Car Crash Detection Apps Do?

Years ago I had the unfortunate opportunity of taking one of these apps for a test drive after a new client showed me his awful app. I get it, he was really excited to have his own app.

It’s an interesting idea but you’d have to convince people to proactively install a personal injury attorney’s app on your phone BEFORE they’re in a wreck. Literally nobody in their right mind wants to do this.

The app is then supposedly supposed to run in the background and activate if it discovers someone went from 55 to 0 (or something like that).

The app I tested does have some buttons in it so people can take pictures of the crash scene or call 911, or call you, the personal injury lawyer.

Ironically, the app crashed, and the crash wasn’t detected.

Several of the things I tapped on were broken. Parts of the app were written in Spanish. I tried to click the camera icon and the whole app just froze.

Just now, while typing this, I went to visit that law firm’s accident app and it’s been kicked off of the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store as well.

Are Crash Detection Apps a Scam?

I forget what these apps cost or how many people are selling them. If I recall correctly, you basically get the same useless app as everyone else, they just stick your logo on top of the same broken app they’ve been pushing since around 2010 and it’s around $1,000.

Nobody is going to install it. Nobody is going to use it. Personally, I just mark this email as spam and move on.

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