Optimize My Firm to Attend 2022 Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference

The Optimize My Firm crew packed up and headed north to
spend a great week at the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference (WSSFC).  The
State Bar of Wisconsin organizes the event to give local lawyers the chance to
secure Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course credits. It was also an
opportunity for companies like Optimize My Firm to show off how they can
benefit forward-thinking law firms of all sizes.

The Busy Rundown for Optimize My Firm at WSSFC22

Thursday – The Conference kicked off at 10 a.m. but
Optimize My Firm had to be ready when the doors opened. That meant arriving
early with our tool belts on. The fancy Optimize My Firm booth experience was constructed
pole by pole and cord by cord. We had to borrow a screwdriver, but the monolith
was eventually standing tall.

Once the lights were on and the conference was underway,
finding people to talk to about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wasn’t as hard
as we thought. Lawyers and staff at local law firms seemed very hungry for
information on harnessing the power of SEO for their websites. Many of them
commented that they hadn’t seen a lot of SEO companies that focused on
partnering with law firms.

Some of the lawyers and staff we chatted with were
understandably a bit intimidated by the topic of SEO. We set them at ease. We worked
to show them how it’s something that should be harnessed and not feared.

Folks from many law firms didn’t realize how just a few
quick changes to their websites and some regular content posts could make a
dramatic difference in their client flow. We stressed that a focus on solid SEO
practices was an investment that would continue to pay dividends in the years
to come. A law firm’s online presence and reputation depend so much on its
website structure and effective content.

Wisconsin Lawyers also seemed hungry for the delicious
Macaron cookies we brought from an NC bakery. Our Optimize My Firm logo was
baked right in. The vanilla, chocolate, and pumpkin spice flavors were the hit
of the week.

Friday – The second day of WSSFC22 brought more CLE
classes on exciting cutting-edge legal topics and meal breaks that brought
lawyers back to the conference room floor. In those breaks we followed up with
law firms we’d talked to the day before. We scheduled consultation meetings
with lawyers and law firm staffers who were curious about our no-contract SEO
and legal website-building services for law firms.

A new batch of lawyers also arrived on Friday and we were
happy to discuss how we could boost a law firm’s online reach. We showed off
how Optimize My Firm helps law firms improve their websites or build new, more
powerful sites if necessary.

Lindsey Busfield, Optimize My Firm’s Director of Operations,
wrapped up the day by opening up for a course on technology. She spoke about the
importance of search engine optimization for lawyers no matter their law firm’s

The speech drew laughs when discussing the lack of sexiness
that the topic of SEO for law firms carried. But lawyers got the point that
search engine optimization was no longer a luxury for competitive law firms. Every
law firm should begin building its online brand immediately or watch as another
local law firm overtakes them on page one of a google search for “Wisconsin

Wrapping Up the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference for 2022

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s motto of “Practice Law. Manage
Business. Enjoy Life.” was more than a slogan at WSSFC. Lawyers and those in
the legal industry talked business while still managing to keep the friendly,
vacation vibes alive.

The Kalahari Water Park Resort was an incredible place to
host WSSFC22. We enjoyed a hot tub or two, played some tournament Pac-Man, and
sampled some great food. Even some “squeaky” cheese curds.

The saying “Wisconsin Nice” was fully on display the entire
week. Attending lawyers, their families, and the State Bar board members were
incredibly kind and helpful to us. We may not be able to sign on to help people
from every law firm we talked to, but we at least got them thinking about how
their websites could better represent their legal services.