How To Get Your Law Firm Listed with Attorney At Law Magazine

If you’ve noticed Attorney At Law Magazine (AALM) displaying in Google’s search results in your city or a neighboring town, you may be wondering how the law firm obtained that listing and if you can have a listing too. The Attorney At Law Magazine listings are a product which AALM offers called “Local Legal Authorities”. To become a Local Legal Authority you need to either sign up with one of their partners (like us) or you may also contact AALM directly. We get a small discount here which we pass along to clients due to the quantity of listings which we purchase from them. These listings are available to attorneys practicing Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Workers’ Compensation, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Family, Tax, Divorce, Probate Law and more. Here’s what a Local Legal Authority listing looks like when it appears in a search result:

Do these listings generate leads?

It depends. Just like AVVO, FindLaw, Justia, SuperLawyers, Yelp or any other directory style listing – IF the page ranks in search, it is going to generate leads. Attorney At Law Magazine’s listings do better in search results in some cities than others. In the screenshot above, you can see that the Houston listing displays very prominently in search and has a great title. It also ranks on page 1 depending on the search term used.

Additional information:

Here is some additional information about Attorney At Law Magazine’s Local Legal Authorities:
  • Only 1 attorney per market may have a listing at any given time.
  • These placements vary in price based on the population.
  • AALM provides call tracking and reports the number of calls made to your firm.
  • The profile page provides 1 backlink to your website.
  • Attorneys may add blogs to the AALM website which link back to their AALM listing.
Overall, we are happy with the Local Legal Authority listings which we have.

Need personal injury leads?

Ranking in Google’s organic search results and in the local pack is still, hands down, the best place for personal injury attorneys to obtain leads from prospective clients. That’s precisely what we do here. Visit our page dedicated to Personal Injury Attorney SEO today to learn more, and if you’re only interested in getting listed with AALM please feel free to contact us.