OptimizeMyFirm Legal Marketing Scholarship

Optimize My Firm 2024 Legal Marketing Scholarship

One student will be awarded $2000 (nonrenewable).

As a marketing company, we make creative campaigns for our clients.

We would like to give you the opportunity to make a commercial for Optimize My Firm!


In order to be eligible to apply for the Optimize My Firm Legal Marketing Scholarship, applicants must be planning on attending an accredited United States college or university in 2024. This is open to high school seniors who have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Deadline for submissions: Closed as of May 1st, 2024

How it Works


Do some research on our company, the types of clients we serve, our core values, and what makes us stand apart from our competitors.


Then create a 30-60 second video ad that would make lawyers want to work with us.

We will announce the 2024 winner June 3, 2024.

Please disregard the voting system, it was flawed.

Past Winners

2023's Winner

Kira Carver

2023 winner

Kira made an absolutely fantastic TikTok video. The video was a (fake) advertisement for a Personal Injury Lawyer and was very personal, unlike many of the TV ads you see with someone standing on top of a tractor trailer. Congratulations Kira!

2022's Winner

Officer Mariska

Congratulations, Officer Mariska!

2021's Winner

Hepua Sorenson

The 2021 scholarship was a fun one. It asked for applicants to write a creative, quick story about a dog who goes to law school. Hepua’s story about Scrappy the Chihuahua was excellent. Scrappy went to William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and became a Pit Bull rights activist! Way to go, Scrappy!

2020's Winner

Trevor Schutes

The 2020 scholarship asked for applicants to write a 500-word article or produce a video with a unique idea on how to market a personal injury law firm. Some applicants mentioned community involvement, which is indeed a great idea that shouldn’t be overlooked. However, Trevor’s idea was the first and only idea that utilized a physical product people could use. It’s one a law firm could give away cheaply, and it’s a product people could use after an injury.

You can read more about Trevor’s idea here: Marketing personal injury law firms with first aid kits.

This was our first year running this scholarship and the response was overwhelming. We had a lot of really great ideas. To be honest, we felt really bad we couldn’t give away 200 scholarships, as there were so many great ideas. There were many excellent submissions, essays, and videos. We’re going to have to put a lot more thought into 2021’s scholarship. If you applied in 2020 and would like to apply again next year, please save this page and revisit it again!