Best Legal Directories for Personal Injury Attorneys

Welcome to the Optimize My Firm list of Legal Directories for Personal Injury Attorneys.

Listing your law firm in industry specific legal directories will not push you to the front page of Google but it is indeed a good first step in that journey. Some legal directories even drive some traffic.

Rather than spend hours and days filling out the same information over and over, we can submit you to all of the relevant directories in 1 quick shot. Contact us today for details.

We have broken up all of the legal directories into a few categories.

Mandatory Listings:

  • Google. If you haven’t yet done so, configuring your Google My Business profile is the most important thing you can do for your law firm’s visibility online.
  • Facebook. Even if you do not actively use Facebook or advertise there, you should have a Facebook listing that you own and maintain. As of 2021, Bing’s search engine now shows Facebook reviews in their search results. If you do not create a Facebook page, they will create one for you.
  • Yelp. It is not common, but some people use Yelp to search for attorneys. As of 2021, Yahoo’s search engine shows Yelp reviews in their local search results. Create your page, add pictures, set your business hours, and encourage a review or two on Yelp whenever possible.
  • Apple Maps. iPhone users often search for directions using Apple Maps. This alone makes it mandatory to make sure your business is properly listed.

Top Legal Directories:

While “top” or “best” is subjective, there are some legal directories which show up in Google’s search results and get some traffic from prospective clients. These are the directories which we consider to be the most important.

These include but are not limited to:

  • AVVO
  • FindLaw
  • Justia 
  • Martindale
  • Nolo

A Note on Paid Directories

Some directories utilize the “freemium” model where there is a fee involved to get a “premium” listing. Of course, the premium listing will include a link to your website. Just because they charge does not make these sites any better than a free site. The vast majority of paid directories are unlikely to drive any traffic. Some are even low quality directories. You should use discretion on selecting which paid directories to use. Some attorneys like certain paid directories which provide a website badge.

A Note on Low Quality Directories

There are thousands of directory sites. Listing your law firm, or any other business type, on any of these low quality directories is a waste of time. They will not drive any traffic, nor will they provide any SEO value. Some SEO agencies charge a monthly fee to build and maintain these directory listings. We recommend avoiding companies that offer this service.

Our list of Legal Directories for Attorneys

Google Business ProfileFree
Yelp for BusinessFree
Apple PlacesFree
AVVOFree or Paid
FindLawFree or Paid
HG.orgFree or Paid
Just Great LawyersFree
JustiaFree or Paid
Lawyer LegionFree
MartindaleFree or Paid
NoloFree or Paid
Super LawyersFree or Paid
Misc Directories:
Attorney At Law MagazineFree
Best LawyersFree
Courthouse SquareFree
Halt.orgFree or Paid
Law FuelFree
Law GuruFree
Law InfoFree
Law LinkFree
Lawyer LandFree
US News Paid

Location Specific Business Directories

In some areas in the United States, there are quality local directories. We consider a local directory to be of quality if it actually has traffic and people using the website. Many of these regional directories offer to list your law firm, along with the address, phone number and operating hours. Some of these directories offer a backlink to your website as well.

Here are some examples of local business directories. Of course this varies by area: