Marketing Personal Injury Firms with First Aid Kits – OptimizeMyFirm’s 2020 Scholarship Winner

2020 has been a long, strange year, and it’s the first year we gave away a scholarship. We plan on offering a scholarship every year. You can see our current scholarship here.

This year, students were asked to come up with a 500 word article or video describing how they would market a personal injury law firm. Other creations were welcome as well. And it was a creation which we chose as this year’s winner.

We really like this idea and will mention it to some of the personal injury law firms that we provide Internet marketing for. We liked this idea for several reasons, including:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s a physical product people will keep and likely see 50,000 times
  • People will see the law firm’s name every time they’re injured

Marketing Personal Injury Firms with First Aid Kits?

Below is this year’s winner, Trevor, and below his pic is his essay, along with his idea of marketing personal injury law firms with first aid kits. If you use this idea, please shoot us an email and let us know! We’d love to hear about it, and Trevor would, too.

Marketing for an ethical, hardworking attorney fighting for you must center around practicality and the ability to gain an individual’s trust. For these reasons, I propose a first aid kit with essential tips in the case of an accident and the firm’s contact information as the most unique and effective form of advertising.

To get these kits to as many future clients as possible the firm could gain connections with local car dealerships, labor unions, etc. Attached are images (4) of 2 demo first aid kits the firm could distribute (one for car dealerships and one for labor unions).

The automobile accident first aid kit would be placed inside a car glove compartment and has steps to take in the event of an accident. These safety tips (borrowed from a car insurance company as an example) ensure that potential clients know how to mitigate damage, record necessary information, and contact the firm immediately. People will understand that the firm is
ethical as they are providing more information than just who to call, and they are providing a kit with supplies to help lessen the harmful effects of an accident.

Similarly, the work-related accident first aid kit would be distributed to all members of a union and has steps to take in the event of an injury occurring on the job. These safety tips (borrowed from another firm’s website as an example) ensure that potential clients know how to record information about what happened, gather coworkers as witnesses, and contact the firm immediately. Workers will feel safe calling the firm as they will have all the information they need before contacting an attorney.

A relationship with a car dealership is mutually beneficial as the dealer is able to provide clients with a first aid kit when purchasing a car, and the clients know which attorneys to call in the event of an accident. A relationship with labor unions would appeal to workers as they would know that the attorney is fighting for them without any ulterior motive, and they are equipped with information crucial in an emergency.

For its practicality and ability to form relationships good for finding future clients, a simple first aid kit is the best marketing tool for an ethical firm.