About Us

OptimizeMyFirm consists of Len, our project manager Lindsey, attorneys and journalists who create content.

We are a remote-first boutique firm, laser focused on a handful of clients dating back to 2011.


We like seeing good people get ahead.

We like seeing good people connected with good attorneys.
My father was in a terrible motorcycle accident and I understand that people need good representation. Injured victims need quality representation, not a settlement mill.

We like seeing good law firms grow.
We help law firms get more leads online by getting them in front of potential clients who are either looking for legal information or looking for an attorney in their area.


We love working with family oriented personal injury firms and we work with firms of all types and sizes in the United States and abroad.

We usually end up working with clients who have already been through a few other marketing agencies.

We work exclusively with one type of firm per area.


We cater to user’s intent. For attorneys, that means we help them show up when someone is either looking for an attorney or searching for answers to their legal questions.

  • We create informative legal content for users.
  • We focus on rankings of key terms people are searching for in Google.
  • SEO may include optimizing websites, structured data, rich snippets.
  • We’ve also helped law firms relocate and rebrand.